Friday, 28 July 2017

Woman fired after viral video shows her telling Somalian women “we’re going to kill every one of you Muslims.”

A North Dakota woman has apologized after she berated three Somali women on camera, saying, “we’re going to kill every one of you Muslims.”

Amber Hensley of Mapleton, N.D., was captured on camera Tuesday launching a verbal attack on a trio of Somali women who she claims parked their car too close to hers at Walmart.

The video shows Hensley, a white woman, shout, “We’re going to kill you. We’re going to kill all of you f---ing Muslims.”

You’re a racist person, and I am not going back to my country,” Sarah Hassan, the woman filming, says.
Hensley unleashes on the women again, saying, “Why are you in our country anyway? Why are you in our country anyway?”

“Here I am making a video and I am going to show it to police ...” Hassan says. At one point, she can be heard calling Hensley “fat.”
“Police won’t care,” Hensley said on camera.

Hassan said the altercation began when Hensley called on her to re-park her car. “She called me from the window and told me, ‘come on, fix the parking,’” Hassan told KVRR.

Hensley alleges she became enraged after the women called her fat and said, “f--k Jesus.”

“I lost my cool,” she said in a statement to KVRR.

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