Sunday, 17 September 2017

'Hate speech is a weapon of war, the more you peddle the more you qualify as a terrorist' - Ajiboye

More and more Nigerians contonue to react to the recent declaration of the Nnamdi Kanu led IPOB movement as a terrorist organisation.
According to IT guru and politician, Otunba Ajiboye, 'hate speech is a weapon of war, it pierces thru the heart like  a bullet. The more  you peddle the more you qualify as a terrorist'.

He continues to say, 'If Kanu was an individual law breaker, Yes it would have been appropriate to arrest him in his individual capacity and try him. Kanu had tried to build a college of indoctrinated people around him who he has hypnotized to believe he is fighting their cause. Therefore, the responsibility of the state is to desuade him and his college of law breakers who hold him in awesome esteem. We must understand that if he converts the following into political consc├Čusness he could have made a more meaningful impact about realising his objectives evolving in to a militia group daily preaching hate can only get this response from the state'.

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